NEWS | May 13, 2021

TPU: How Do I Get the 500-gal Tank?

Tand and Pump Unit
Photo by Sgt. Deneesha Smith
Dear Half-Mast,

I’m trying to order a 500-gal tank for my tank and pump unit (TPU). I looked up the tank in TM 10-4930-236-13&P (Dec 12) and it shows NSN 5430-01-256-0650. I’ve tried to order it but the system says the NSN is bad.

Can you lend me a hand?

Dear C.J.,

Sure can and don’t worry! There are plenty of 500-gal tanks for your TPU in stock. The problem is that the NSN you’re using from the TM is the family master NSN and it’s not active, so you’re getting the response that it’s bad.

You’ll need to use NSN 5430-01-276-9756 instead. That’ll get you the 500-gal tank.