NEWS | May 12, 2021

SECM: Ordering Air Compressors


There’s some good information for you when ordering air compressors for your heavy Shop Equipment, Contact Maintenance (SECM), NSN 4940-01-333-8470 or NSN 4940-01-333-8471, and light SECM, NSN 4940-01-548-9064.

We always recommend eyeballing your vehicle’s TM first, but sometimes the information is missing. You won’t find the air compressor’s usable on code (UOC), NSNs or part numbers in heavy SECM TM 9-4940-563-13&P (Jul 14) or light SECM TM 9-4940-574-13&P (May 14), so use the following information to order parts until the TMs are updated.

For the heavy SECM: order:
  • Single-phased air compressor, NSN 4310-01-432-9655, for $3503.39, used for the A1 model.
  • Three-phased unit, NSN 4310-01-550-2779, for $4,703.90, used on M1097A2 and M1152A1 HMWWV models and the M113 FOV.
For the light SECM: order:
  • Three-phased motor current compressor, NSN 4310-01-552-9871.
  • Compressor pump with no motor, NSN 6115-01-643-3360.
  • Alternating current motor, NSN 6105-01-643-3369.

    Each part costs the same:  $3732.11.    
The good news is: it’s rare you’d need to order a compressor. But just in case you do, make sure you order the correct compressor because if you don’t, it’s not going to bolt up to the SECM frame.

If you order the correct compressor and you still have trouble, then go ahead and submit a Collaborative Readiness Problem Solving (CREPS) ticket requesting assistance using the link below: