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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | May 7, 2021

AHD: Spotting Defective Vehicle Adapter Pin

Acoustic hailing device
Acoustic hailing device (Photo courtesy of DEVCOM)

Units, have you recently received an acoustic hailing device (AHD) and haven’t mounted it to a vehicle yet? Having issues mounting the recently issued AHD to a vehicle?

A manufacturing problem caused misalignment of holes on the vehicle adapter pin (the pin that holds the bracket arm together). This part is about the size of a Pringles™ can and weighs 11 pounds. You can tell right away if the vehicle adapter pin has this defect; you won’t be able to lock the two pieces together and the speaker can’t be mounted. You’ll need to request a replacement and also turn in the defective piece.
Major End Item Info

The official nomenclature for the AHD is public address set: acoustic hailing device, AN/TIC-43. Its LIN is P05049, and you can order it using NSN  5830-01-562 0929 (tan speaker) or NSN 5830-01-670-8863 (green speaker).

The vehicle adapter pin can be either tan or green. The tan vehicle adapter pin is NSN 1005-01-659-3720, P/N 110303-03, CAGE Code 1K3W7. The green vehicle adapter pin is NSN 1005-01-671-1902, P/N 110303-10, CAGE Code 1K3W7.

All vehicle adapter pins must be physically inspected to determine if they are defective. Some vehicle adapter pins have a manufacturing defect that prevents the t-handle locking pin from being fully inserted into the vehicle adapter pin. 

Vehicle adapter pin with t-handle locking pin
Vehicle adapter pin with t-handle locking pin
The t-handle locking pin is tethered to the vehicle’s turret and is used to secure the AHD’s vehicle mount to the turret ring. A defective vehicle adapter pin prevents the AHD’s vehicle mount from being safely secured to the turret ring.
Inspection Procedures

Vehicle mount case
1.  Open the vehicle mount case and remove the vehicle adapter pin.

Vehicle adapter pin
Vehicle adapter pin
2.  Insert a t-handle locking pin into the lower hole of the vehicle adapter pin. The t-handle locking pin should pass completely through the vehicle adapter pin.
Serviceable vehicle adapter pin
Serviceable vehicle adapter pin

Defective vehicle adapter pin
Defective vehicle adapter pin

3.  If the t-handle locking pin can’t be fully inserted into the vehicle adapter pin, clearly label the defective adapter pin “DEFECTIVE” using a felt-tip marker or similar marker, tape or tag. Keep the defective vehicle adapter pin with its kit. Don’t discard it. In addition to tagging the defective adapter pin, report the defective vehicle adapter pin on the Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) inventory spreadsheet against the corresponding system serial number. Contact one of the POCs below for assistance arranging for a replacement vehicle adapter pin.

4. Where applicable, re-wrap kits that are considered serviceable upon inspection, and reattach labels on their respective pallets.

Questions? Contact one of the following:

Corey Nilsson, Product Support Integrator, email:

Chrisie Longo, CECOM logistics manager, email:

Jovan Kanapathy, CECOM item manager, email:
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