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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | April 30, 2021

RTCH: Change Brake Filter

Photo by Sgt. Edward Ruiz

This article initially appeared in PS 675 (Feb 09), p. 53.

If the container handler’s brakes seem sluggish or stop working, your RTCH is NMC–plain and simple.
Some simple facts:

The brakes are hydraulically powered, so the brake system acts up when the hydraulic fluid is low.
A clogged front or rear brake cooling filter will also cause problems.
A clogged filter starves the vehicle’s brake system for hydraulic oil. Low or no oil means the brake calipers won’t open or close smoothly against the brake disc.
Here’s how to keep brakes braking:

First, eyeball the fluid level in the hydraulic reservoir’s sight glass before every operation the fluid level should be between add and full after the vehicle warms up.

Hydraulic reservoir
Hydraulic reservoir
Second, make sure your mechanic replaces the filters every 900 hours like it says in WP 0050 00-20 in TM 10-3930-675-24-2 or more often during heavy use.
Replace the filters every 900
Replace the filters every 900
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