NEWS | April 12, 2021

Tactical Vehicles: Cavity Wax Curbs Corrosion

Technician applying cavity wax to vehicle
Photo by Thomas Robbins

There’s a weapon to combat corrosion in all of those difficult-to-reach cavities on your tactical vehicles. Most of the cavities aren’t painted, which means that dirt and gunk just hide in there, corroding frames and cabs.

The corrosion protection weapon is called cavity wax. It looks a lot like thick paint and it’s specifically designed for corrosion protection. Once cavity wax is applied to new equipment, it provides a layer of protection to those troublesome cavities.

The cavity wax can be several colors to include white, beige or black.
   Cavity wax looks like thick paint
Cavity wax looks like thick paint

Soldiers, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t be applying the wax. The application of cavity wax is above unit-level maintenance and should be applied by paint technicians.

Note the following:
  • If cavity wax has been applied to your vehicle, do not remove it. The wax will provide several years of corrosion protection, but only if it remains on your vehicle.
  • Be careful with any work that could raise the temperature of cavity wax-treated parts above 160°F. Grinding, cutting or heating with a torch may raise the temperature of treated parts enough to cause the wax to run, which reduces its effectiveness.
To get the latest information about cavity wax, contact the TACOM Corrosion Prevention and Control Team at:
Keep an eye out for information on cavity wax to become part of TM 43-0139, Painting Instructions for Army Material. Interested in watching the cavity wax application process? Here’s a link to a milTube video. Just grab your CAC and go to: