NEWS | April 7, 2021

MHE-270/271 Forklift: 40 or 45? The Pressure’s On!

This article initially appeared in PS 752 (Jul 15), p. 10. 
Dear Half-Mast,

We’re scratching our heads when it comes to the tire pressure for our MHE-270 4K forklifts.

The sidewall of the forklift’s tire, NSN 2610-01-320-0460, says the max pressure is 40 psi. But Item 8 in the before operation PMCS of TM 10-3930-664-10 says the correct pressure is 45 psi. And most of our forklifts have 45 psi stenciled on their fenders.

Can you relieve our pressure with the right pressure?
Mr. J.B.

Relief has arrived, Mr B!

The 40 psi that’s marked on the tire’s sidewall is the right pressure. Until the TMs are updated, have the fenders on your forklifts re-stenciled 40 PSI to remind operators of the correct air pressure.
Re-stencil the fenders to read: TP 40 PSI
Re-stencil the fenders to read: TP 40 PSI