NEWS | March 11, 2021

120M Road Grader: Keep Transmission Oil on the Level

This article initially appeared in PS 764 (Jul 16), p. 15. 

Operators, stay level-headed when it comes to checking your grader’s transmission oil level. That also means using the right oil.

This is an after-operations check and must be made under the following conditions:
• The grader must be parked on a level surface.
• Leave the engine running.
• Put the transmission in neutral.
• Make sure the transmission oil is at operating temperature (between 160°F and 230°F).
Transmission oil dipstick
Transmission oil dipstick

The oil level should fall in the crosshatched area of the dipstick.

If it’s above, call your mechanic. If below, add oil through the oil filler tube until the level is in the cross-hatched area.

Under normal operating conditions, OE/HDO-15W40 is the only oil to use in the grader’s transmission. You’ll find this information as PMCS check *#66 in WP 0013-30 of TM 5-3805-293-10 (Feb 16).*
Note: the information between the two green asterisks (*) is a change from the original article, which cited #61 in WP 0013-26 of TM 5-3805- 293-10 (Dec 10).