NEWS | Feb. 25, 2021

UH-60/AH-64: Follow Proper Engine Operation and Care

Soldier doing maintanenc on Apache
Photo by Charles Rosemond

Operating the T700-701 engine with the engine inlet plugs installed is asking for trouble. Always follow the engine TM when performing engine maintenance. Check out WP 0302 in TM 1-2840-248-23&P (Oct 19). The title of the chapter is Maintenance Required Following Compressor Airflow Disruption or Engine Inlet Blockage.

Leaving inlet plugs installed while operating the engine damages the engine and the cold section.  If damage happens, don’t attempt to operate the engine. Instead, turn in the engine to a depot for maintenance and repair.
If an engine needs repair after inlet plugs were left in them, make sure you fill out a condition code tag for the engine or the engine cold section before turning it in. The tag reason should read, “This part replaced because of airflow disruption or engine inlet blockage.”

 Remember to pre-flight your aircraft to make sure all engine covers and inlet plugs are removed. You’ll save yourself and your unit a lot of grief and money.