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NEWS | Feb. 18, 2021

M16-Series Rifle/M4/M4A1 Carbine: Firing Stoppage? Try C-SPORTS!

This article initially appeared in PS 763 (Jun 16), p. 40.

Dear Editor,

I saw on Page 44 of PS 755 (Oct 15) the suggestion from Scott Taylor about dealing with an M16/M4 firing stoppage.

An easy way to remember this is the acronym C-SPORTS:

  • Confirm that the selector is set to the AUTO, SEMI or BURST position prior to the other steps of SPORTS immediate action procedure. Then...

Remember SPORTS

Monty Meston

Editor’s note: You’re a good sport to share this tip, Monty. The complete procedures for both immediate and remedial action are in WP 0005* in TM 9-1005-319-10. Just because repetition helps retention, here it is one more time:

  • Confirm that the selector is set to the AUTO, SEMI or BURST detent prior to the other steps of SPORTS immediate action procedures.
  • Slap upward on magazine to make sure it’s properly seated.
  • Pull charging handle all the way to the rear.
  • Observe for ejection of case or cartridge.
  • Release the charging handle.
  • Tap the forward assist.
  • Squeeze trigger and weapon should fire.
More about this procedure can be found in TACOM Safety of Use (SOU) message 18-005, DTG: 231057Z Apr 18.
* Note: this is a change from the original article, which cited WP 006

Here's a handy infographic/infobrief to download and pass around for reference and training:
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