NEWS | Feb. 10, 2021

M149-Series, M1112 Water Trailers: Prevent Frozen Tanks

Have an M149 or M1112 trailer tank? If you said yes, you’ve got to think about PM for cold weather.

Your M149-series or M1112 water trailers are tough, but as water freezes it expands. That means water pipes can burst, so brush up on the maintenance procedures in TM 9-2330-267-13&P (Dec 15) for your M149 , or TM 9-2330-397-13&P (Dec 15) for your M1112.

Beat Old Man Winter by getting a water trailer heater installation kit, NSN 2990-20-005-7263, for your water trailers.  And here are some helpful cold weather preventive maintenance tips.
  • In cold weather, if possible, cover your trailer with canvas. If a shelter is available that’s even better. If temperatures are at or below 0⁰F, place the water trailers in a shelter that has a field range or heater in use.
  • To seal out cold air, always keep the manhole and filler covers tightly closed.
  • After each use, drain the pipes by shutting off the water at the main T-valve located in front of the tank. Then open all the faucets. You can prop the faucets open with a piece of wood. No water left in the pipes means no freezing.
  • You plan to store your water trailer? Then drain all of the water from it. The best way to do this is to park it on an incline. That way the water is aimed at the drain plug.    Open the drain plug, all faucets and the main T-valve to prevent a vacuum in the pipes. This allows water to drain out of the tank and pipes.
  • Just because water stops draining from the pipes doesn’t mean the tank is empty. Open the manhole cover and make sure the water’s gone.
Again, use the correct TM, order a heater kit and keep these tips in your hip pocket, and you’ll be good to go in the cold.