NEWS | Jan. 7, 2021

M119A2/A3 Towed Howitzers: Trunnion Bolt Inspection

If your unit has M119A2/A3 howitzers, inspect the four (4) trunnion bolts on each howitzer right away!
Inspect the trunnion bolts right away
Inspect the trunnion bolts (colored red) right away

There could be a problem with the trunnion bolts, NSN 5305-01-567-9244, which could make them fail. A failed trunnion bolt could result in a damaged howitzer and injured Soldiers.
You’ll find inspection instructions in TACOM Safety of Use Message 21-001 at (you’ll need your CAC to view):
Make a note that the following preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) will be added to the next revision of TM 9-1015-260-23:
1. Inspect for missing or damaged trunnion bolts and make sure the lock wire is properly installed before every fire mission.

2. Remove the lock wire and ensure the trunnion bolts are properly torqued on a quarterly basis.