NEWS | Dec. 28, 2020

120M Road Grader: Idle First, Then Go Grading!

This article initially appeared in PS 755 (Oct 15), p. 16
Now that you’ve started your 120M road grader, you’re ready to move out, right? Not so fast, my road-grading friend! 

Your vehicle needs to warm up a bit before the day’s run. If not, moving parts break down. Then your grader is sitting on the side of the road instead of grading it.
Here’s how to keep your grader on the job:
  • After start-up, run the engine for 3 minutes or so to allow the engine to reach operating temperature. That warm-up lets the engine burn off condensation from normal engine breathing. Unburned condensation will mix with oil to form a sludge that clogs the engine. The 3-minute delay also gives the engine oil time enough to lubricate parts.
  • After warm-up, check the messenger display in the vehicle’s cab. Pay special attention to the engine system and action light indicators. If either light up, shut down the engine and tell your mechanic.
  • You also must let the engine cool down for five minutes after operation. The engine needs to keep oil circulating to relieve excessive heat in the engine. Too much heat can crack the block, warp a head or valves, or bake the oil until it’s not slick enough to lube the bearings