NEWS | Dec. 9, 2020

SATS: Different Generators?

Standard Automotive Tool Set (SATS) with Generator
Photo Courtesy of TACOM
Dear Half-Mast,

My repair facility received several Standard Automotive Tool Sets (SATS), NSN 4910-01-490-6453, to inventory them and order missing parts.

One of the SATS has a Northern Lights® generator, model NL843NW2.1SATS, with mounting that’s different from the other SATS generators. There’s a different securing type for the slide.

TM 9-4910-783-13&P (Sep 05) lists only one generator: MEP-803A, NSN 6115-01-275-5061. It’s mounted in all of the SATS we have except the one I just mentioned to you.

Was there a change of generators due to the lifetime of the SATS or does this unique generator need to be replaced?

Dear S.S.,

The answer to the first question is sort of and to the second question, no. When the SATS was first being fielded, the MEP generators weren’t ready yet, so the PM shop got a waiver to field the first 70 systems with the commercial Northern Lights® generator, which doesn’t have to be replaced. So it’s perfectly okay that there’s a different set up.

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