NEWS | Nov. 27, 2020

FMTV/HIMARS: Driveshaft U-Joint Kit

Do you need a U-joint kit for the driveshaft on your unit’s FMTVs or HIMARSs? You can order it using NSN 2520-01-657-8029.

The U-joint kit contains the U-joint and eight (8) break-away bolts, NSN 5305-01-479-7857. Just tighten the bolt’s small break-away head until the head snaps off, which indicates the proper torque has been met. Don’t use just any old bolt because these are the only bolts authorized for use on the driveshaft U-joints.

This information is not in FMTV TM 9-2320-333-23&P (Jun 19) or HIMARS TM 9-2320-450-13&P (Sep 16), so make a note until the TMs are updated.

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