NEWS | Nov. 23, 2020

All Aircraft: USACRC Has New Mishap Reporting Tool

Reporting aircraft mishaps and near misses is a requirement. The US Army Combat Readiness Center has created a new tool for a more effective and streamlined process for reporting mishaps and near-misses. The Army Safety Management Information System (ASMIS) 2.0 mishap and near miss reporting application is now active at:
The ASMIS 2.0 application is now the Army’s sole tool for aircraft mishap reporting. Safety officers who created mishap reports in Report It before 5 October 2020 will still be able to access and complete those reports. But all new mishap reports must be entered and completed through ASMIS 2.0.

The application enables mishap investigation data collection, identifies causal factors and unsafe practices or conditions, and makes recommendations for corrective actions to prevent recurrence and reduce hazardous conditions. The process to report mishaps and near-miss incidents supports command decision making at the appropriate level in the risk management process.

The site also contains video tutorials to get you up to speed about the mishap and near-miss reporting tool. Look for them at the bottom of the homepage.

The US Army Combat Readiness Center (USACRC) help desk remains available to assist users at (334) 255-1390, Monday-Friday from 0700-1700.
ASMIS 2.0 frequently-asked-questions can be found at: 

Also, check out the full rollout article on at: