NEWS | Nov. 20, 2020

M967A1/M969A1/M969A2 Fuel Tankers: Onan Glow Plugs

If you have any M967A1, M969A1 or M969A2 fuel tankers in your unit, including armored models, and they still have the original Onan engine, here’s some news for you.

The Onan engine glow plug, NSN 2920-00-919-8402, has been discontinued without replacement. So, there isn’t a glow plug NSN available to replace the original.

How can you get the glow plug now?  It might require a little legwork, but you can local purchase these glow plugs using Onan PN 333-0106.                                  

You can still order the preheater plugs for the Onan engine with NSN 2920-00-930-2871. The preheater plugs cannot be used to replace the glow plugs.

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