NEWS | Nov. 13, 2020

UH-60M: There's a New Shaft in Town!

Soldier performing hoist operations on MEDEVAC.
Photo by Scott C Childress
This article initially appeared in PS 786 (May 18), page 40.


If you need to order a new main shaft extension assembly for the UH-60M Black Hawk, get it with NSN 1615-01-634-0170 (PN 70351-08186-047).

Though the shaft extension is the same one used on the A/L model, the life limit is different for each aircraft. The A/L model shaft extension has a life limit of 14,000 hours. The M model has a life limit of 4,900 hours.

Be advised that once a shaft extension is used on an M model aircraft, it can no longer be used on an A/L model aircraft. This change is effective now! [as of May 2018, when this article initially appeared.] 

For the A/L model Black Hawk, the shaft extension remains NSN 1615-01-074-5151 (PN 70351-08186-043). If you have an A/L shaft extension on back order and it’s intended for the M model aircraft, contact the item manager so the requirement can be changed to the M model NSN.
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