NEWS | Nov. 13, 2020

ATLAS II Forklifts: The Wheel Rim Difference

This article initially appeared in PS 777 (Aug 17), p. 17.
When it comes to wheel rims for the ATLAS II forklift, there’s only one to use: NSN 2530-01- 572-2264. It’s shown as Item 5 in Fig 122 of TM 10-3930-67 7-23&P in IETM EM 0359 (Aug 16). Do not use the ATLAS wheel rim, NSN 2530-01-446-1084, as a substitute.
Sure, the ATLAS rims will fit on an ATLAS II, but there are specific design differences between the two.
Those differences affect the usability of the wheel and tire assembly:
  • The ATLAS uses a split-rim w/ring while the ATLAS II has a bolted two-piece rim.
  • The wheel studs and holes on the ATLAS II are smaller than those on the ATLAS. Installing the ATLAS rim, with its larger stud holes, on the ATLAS II allows the lug nuts to come loose during operation.
  • ATLAS rims have not been tested for use on the ATLAS II.
Bottom line: Use only the rims designed for your forklift. The differences are subtle, so pay attention to the part number stamped on the rims.
ATLAS rims are labeled PN 6615933. ATLAS II rims are marked with PN 4520677 or 53-4758-00.
Look to the serial number if you’re unsure of which forklift you have. ATLAS serial numbers begin with 10KA. ATLAS II serial numbers begin with 10KB.

You’ll find the vehicle’s data plate on the inside of the frame tilt cylinder.

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