NEWS | Nov. 10, 2020

DRASH Trailer: Finding Missing Cable/Chain

Dear Half-Mast,

I’m looking for a breakaway cable or chain for the deployable rapid assembly shelter (DRASH) trailer on which I’m working. On Page 1216 in TM 11-6115-742-13&P (May 12), the following items are shown as unavailable in the supply system:
  • Item 21, the breakaway lever;
  • Item 22, the snap hook;
  • Item 28, the locking pin.
I think the assembly I need should come as a kit, but the TM doesn’t list one. What would be a good substitute breakaway cable or chain to use if it can’t be ordered through the Army supply system?

Dear Sergeant,

You’ll have to order two different assemblies. The first is the breakaway chain assembly with cover, NSN 5340-01-385-9852, HDT PN 1009842. This includes the hook, chain, and plastic sleeve, as shown.

The second item, the brake actuator lockout pin, NSN 5315-01-569-5347, is HDT PN 1001136 and includes the pin and a lanyard.
If you need help getting either or both of these items, contact the vendor, HDT Global. To find your nearest rep, call HDT customer support at (800) 969-8527, (216) 438-6111, or visit:

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