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NEWS | Nov. 6, 2020

M1128 MGS Stryker: Protect HIRE Shipping Container From the Elements

Save your unit a potential hit of $250,000
When you order and receive a Hughes Infra-Red Equipment (HIRE) sensor, NSN 6650-01-599-6753, for your M1128 MGS Stryker, do not store the cardboard shipping container outside where it can get wet from rain, sleet or snow!
Recently, a Stryker unit did exactly that. The cardboard shipping container containing the HIRE sensor was stored outside. When the HIRE sensor was finally installed, it didn’t work because it had moisture damage. That was a $251,000 mistake!

So when you order a HIRE sensor, keep the cardboard shipping container dry and out of the weather. That’ll save your unit a lot of money as well as keep combat readiness high.

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