NEWS | Oct. 28, 2020

MEDEVAC: External Rescue Hoist Bolt Update

Black Hawk crew doing pre-flight checks
Photo by Sgt. Brian Schroeder
Back in 2017, PD MEDEVAC published Aviation Maintenance Action Message (AMAM) H-60-17-AMAM-07 to instruct units to inspect for corrosion on part of the H-60A/L externally mounted rescue hoist (EMRH) system.

Make a note that this inspection is now a recurring 12-month inspection and is listed in WP 0307 of TM 1-1520-237-23&P (Jan 19).

The H-60-17-AMAM-07 message also stated that the four (4) bolts securing the hoist adapter to the hoist support arm are sometimes being installed incorrectly. While it may seem logical to install the bolts with the heads on top, MWO 1-1520-237-50-108 (Mar 13) and TM 1-1520-237-23&P (Jan 19) say to install the bolts with the heads down. A caution in the MWO says, “Ensure that bolts are inserted head side down. Failure to do this may damage equipment.”

Bolt heads should be installed at the bottom of hoist support arm
Make a note that during re-installation of the EMRH you should ensure that the two (2) EMRH shear bolts and the four (4) bolts which secure the hoist adapter to the hoist support arm are correctly installed.

This information was also published on Page 20 of PS 780 (Nov 17).  Here’s the link:
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