NEWS | Oct. 21, 2020

MEDEVAC: Oxygen Bottle Bracket Update

MEDEVAC Helicopter Landing
Photo by Charles Rosemond
In Dec 2019, PS told you what to do when the interim MEDEVAC mission support system (IMMSS) oxygen bottle brackets crack or break and how to get replacements until an NSN was assigned. Here’s the link to that story:
Thanks to the units using the DD Form 1348-6 requisitioning process to get replacement brackets, sufficient demand was created and resulted in NSN assignments for the brackets as follows:
  • NSN 1660-01-688-9466, PN 867-1113-001
  • NSN 1660-01-688-6073, PN 867-1113-002
So now you can submit orders for the brackets by NSN using normal supply channels. Make a note that the RPSTL will be updated in the next TM change.

Also, keep in mind that using the DD Form 1348-6 for requisitioning non-stock listed parts provides the necessary demand data to enable the AMCOM Logistics Center (ALC) to proceed with NSN assignment, improve support to the Black Hawk fleet and assist in ensuring that parts are available in the Army supply system.

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