NEWS | Oct. 20, 2020

Blackhawk: How to Avoid Credit Reversal with Unserviceable Turn-ins

Soldier Inspecting rotor section of Black Hawk
Photo by Charles Rosemond
Mechanics, when you have unserviceable parts, why keep them on the shelf piling up when you can turn them in for credit?

That helps AMC put serviceable items back on the shelf, so others can get the parts they need. The group switching dig, NSN 5895-01-558-7972 (PN 181458-001), has a low unserviceable return rate. If you have this unserviceable part lying around the back shops, turn it in ASAP so it can be repaired and returned.
Getting Unserviceable Return Credit

Here’s some guidance on how to avoid a credit reversal when turning in unserviceable parts:
  1. Complete the turn-in of the unserviceable part. The unit or SSA must remove the return advice code of “1W”. There will be no clock associated with this turn-in.
  2. Put in the buy order at the same time as the turn in, unless the buy order was already initiated. There is no clock associated with this buy order.
  3. Once a unit receives the issue from the buy order and the associated turn-in order (ZRL), the unit must take action in GCSS-Army to manually delete the ZRL. This will stop the clock associated with the issue. 
Bottom line: If units follow the above instructions to include the deletion of the ZRL (key step), they shouldn’t get a credit reversal. If units follow the instructions and still end up with a credit reversal, they can arbitrate the reversal to AMCOM-Aviation staff using EMDCS-ERIM.

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