NEWS | Oct. 20, 2020

Blackhawk: MEDEVAC Equipment 2410 Update

MEDEVAC Training
Photo by Sgt. Sarah Sangster
If you’re wondering where PD MEDEVAC is in converting the internal and external hoists and their associated pendants into items tracked by DA Form 2410, listen up!

PD MEDEVAC made subtle changes to the aircraft notebook (ACN) for the external hoist and is working to get the internal hoist pulled into the ACN system, also.

Making changes to the ACN interface and the software is not a simple task and takes time. PD MEDEVAC is preparing a 2410 message to the field about the ACN update. When it’s complete, it’ll have all the specific details on how to convert the items using the DA Form 2410.

The parts impacted by this process are the Breeze-Eastern external hoist and pendant, and the Goodrich internal hoist and pendant. After these parts are classified as 2410 components, if you have questions about the message when it’s released, contact the 2410 hotline at DSN 897-2410, (256) 313-2410 or (877) 511-8139. Or go to the TAMMS-A/MCDS website for more information at:

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