NEWS | Oct. 15, 2020

HMMWV: Taking Measures to Reduce the Risk of Rollover Accidents

HMMWV Rollover Risk Reduction
Photo by Staff Sgt. Benjamin D Applebaum

Soldiers, HMMWV rollover accidents happen, but you can decrease the likelihood by taking the following steps:
  • Place and secure cargo as low as possible in the vehicle.
  • Ensure your unit provides and you take driver’s training.
  • Stay within recommended payload weights found in TM 9-2320-387-13&P (Mar 14).
  • Reduce speed before sharp turns or when road conditions are poor or degraded.
  • Increase stopping distances when necessary, especially while driving through sand, debris, gravel or rain.
  • Do not mix different tire NSNs on the same vehicle.
  • Check tire pressures when tires are cold or haven’t been driven on for at least three (3) hours   
For more help on preventing rollovers, check out the Frag Kit 5/Frag Kit 7 smart card below.  
Roll-Over Prevention Smart Card
Click on image above to view full-size PDF