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NEWS | Oct. 15, 2020

HMMWV: Taking Measures to Reduce the Risk of Rollover Accidents

HMMWV Rollover Trainer
Photo by Spc. Noelle Wiehe

Soldiers, HMMWV rollover accidents happen, but you can decrease the likelihood by taking the following steps:
  • Place and secure cargo as low as possible in the vehicle.
  • Ensure your unit provides and you take driver’s training.
  • Stay within recommended payload weights found in TM 9-2320-387-13&P (Mar 14).
  • Reduce speed before sharp turns or when road conditions are poor or degraded.
  • Increase stopping distances when necessary, especially while driving through sand, debris, gravel or rain.
  • Do not mix different tire NSNs on the same vehicle.
  • Check tire pressures when tires are cold or haven’t been driven on for at least three (3) hours   
For more help on preventing rollovers, check out the Frag Kit 5/Frag Kit 7 smart card below.  
Roll-Over Prevention Smart Card
Click on image above to view full-size PDF
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