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NEWS | Oct. 14, 2020

MSDs: Some MSD-V2s Being Decommissioned


Program Executive Office (PEO), Combat Support and Combat Service Support is decommissioning some version 2 Maintenance Support Devices (MSDs) because the hardware isn’t upgradable and the devices aren’t compatible with Windows 10. So—unless your platform is listed in the next paragraph—turn in the following MSD-V2 NSNs to Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)-Disposition Services:
  •  6625-01-493-8968
  •  6625-01-536-1764
  •  6625-01-562-9904
  •  6625-01-573-3587 (associated with line item number T92889)
The Product Director, Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (PD TMDE) has determined that certain platforms need to continue using the MSD-V2. These platforms include:
  • Bradley fighting vehicles M2A3, M2A2 ODS SA, M7 BFIST SA and M3A3 BFIST.
  • Abrams tanks M1A1 SA and M1A2 SEPv2.
  • Paladin self-propelled howitzer M109A6.
  • Towed howitzer M777A2.
  • Bridging Platforms Assault Breacher Vehicle and Wolverine.
Questions? Contact the MSD/ICE helpdesk at:
Or email Kenneth A. Van at: You may also read TACOM LCMC maintenance information message 20-026 for more details.  It’s at:

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