NEWS | Oct. 13, 2020

JLTV: Training Videos for Operators and Maintainers

JLTV Training
Photo by Lance Cpl. Ujian Gosun
Does your unit have Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs)? Videos offering refresher training on critical tasks for both operators and maintainers are in the works.

The first few videos, such as Brake Caging Operations, Operator Jacking, and Alternator Removal and Replacement, are already available. Operators and maintainers, eyeball your version of the video at TACOM’s Unit Training Assistance Program (UTAP) website. Locate the videos by typing JLTV in the search engine at the UTAP link below:
 The following initial training videos are being developed and will be uploaded to the UTAP website as they become available:
  • Operator fuel priming
  • Maintainer fuel priming
  • Wheel end replacement
  • Installation and removal of suspension lockout braces
  • Drivers Smart Display Unit (DSDU) maintainer log in procedures
  • Commanders Smart Display Unit (CSDU) log-in/operation
  • Flat tow configuration
  • Shock replacement
  • Spring replacement

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