NEWS | Sept. 30, 2020

M4 Carbine: Enhanced Function Check Reminder

Dear Half-Mast,
After receiving 30 M4A1 carbines from a lateral transfer, the gaining unit requested a service-upon-receipt inspection. This service, which should be conducted when receiving equipment from a transfer, identifies any faults with the equipment.
One of my repairers found that 12 out of 30 M4A1s failed the enhanced function check.
Commanders, unit armorers, small arms repairers and LARs all need to realize that they must remain vigilant and check all weapons that they receive through transfer.
TACOM LCMC GPA 19-001 includes the steps for the enhanced function check. Soldiers can use the following link to download it: 
Terry Nichols
19 ESC Armament Branch Chief
Dear Terry,

Thanks for the advice. Soldiers, make sure your weapon passes the function check.


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