NEWS | Sept. 24, 2020

Small Arms: Quarterly Inspection Exception to Policy

Commanders and unit armorers,

Have you heard about the new exception to policy for quarterly services on small arms weapons?
The Deputy Chief of Staff G4 has granted unit-level armorers who aren’t MOS 91F permission to conduct quarterly services on M9, M16 and M4 families of weapons, but only after commanders ensure the following two conditions are met:
1. Requirements from AR 750-1 (Oct 19) and DA PAM 750-1 (Dec 13) are being followed and adhered to.
2. Unit armorers are trained by the Program of Instruction (POI) approved by the Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM).
This exception doesn’t apply in brigade combat teams where the MOS 91F is authorized and assigned.
Note:  this exception to policy is good through 18 August 2022.
You can get a copy of the full memo at:
For more information, contact CW5 Robert C. Pitts III at:

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