NEWS | Sept. 24, 2020

815F Compactor: Air Filter Brush Off

This article initially appeared in PS 774 (Jun 15), p. 58. 

Operators, a clean air filter element is crucial during construction operations, especially when there’s a lot of dust in the air.
So you need to keep a close eye on the air cleaner indicator next to the filter canister.  If the indicator moves from yellow to red, you’ve got some work to do.
Keep an eye on air cleaner indicator
Keep an eye on air cleaner indicator
Pop the canister’s lid and pull out both air filters.  You’ll find the secondary filter inside the primary. 
Tap each filter against the heel of your palm to loosen dirt or sand. Don’t smack it against something hard or you’ll damage the filter.  Now, shake the filter really good and tap some more.  That’ll usually knock enough junk out of the filter to keep you in operation.  When the workday’s over, let your mechanic know so they can clean or replace the filter.

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