NEWS | Sept. 14, 2020

UH-60M: Replacement Searchlight Now Available!

UH-60 M on lightline
Photo by Capt. Chad Ashe

This article initially appeared in PS 802 (Sept 19), page 21.

The searchlights on UH-60M helicopters have a problem: Their light sometimes dissipates. Good news! Those old searchlights, NSN 6230- 01-556-7911, are being replaced. 

To prepare for the new searchlights, follow these steps:
1.  Remove the old searchlight.

2.  Take off the searchlight's lens and adapter ring.

3.  Tag the lens and adapter ring as an assembly and turn it in using condition code A and ownership purpose code A (serviceable).
Send the assemblies to Red River Army Depot at:
DLA Distribution Center (Plant: 7001RIC: BR4)
Red River Army Depot
Highway 82 West
Texarkana, TX  75507-5000
Turn in old searchlight for new searchlight
Turn in old searchlight for new searchlight

The new searchlight, NSN 6230-01-653-9052, doesn’t have issues with dissipation. Deliveries of the replacement searchlight have already begun and can now be ordered through regular supply channels. Make a note that the A/L/V model aircraft still use the old searchlights.

Units must continue to turn in the old searchlight when you receive the new searchlight.

Questions? Direct all searchlight questions and shipping questions to Chekesha Schenck, at (256) 842-0187 or email: