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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Aug. 27, 2020

Shadow: Pitot Tube Discoloration Corrective Action

Shadow taking off in flight
Photo by Maj. Carson Petry

If you’ve been stumped about when it’s time to change out your Shadow’s pitot tube due to  discoloration, check out the good word in TM 1-1550-1689-23&P (Apr 20).
During your preventive maintenance daily (PMD) inspections, pay close attention to the transparency of the Tygon tubing related to your Shadow’s pitot tube system, and make sure the tubing isn’t dry and brittle.

When the tubing becomes discolored over time and loses its transparency, you’ll need to order and replace the tubing lines. But transparency doesn’t mean it’s 100% see through!

Example of discolored pitot tubing

Example of discolored pitot tubing

Example of discolored pitot tubing
Examples of discolored, dry and brittle tubing, which should be replaced
Here are examples of what the tubing should look like:
Example of clear pitot tubing

Example of clear pitot tubing

Example of clear pitot tubing
Tubing should look like this
(Pitot tube assembly, PN 38214-41607-10, in bulk work package)

You can find all the tasks needed to get the replacement job done in TM 1-1550-1689-23&P. Here are the work packages (WPs):
  • Pitot tube assembly – removal work package
  • Pitot tube assembly – installation work package
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