NEWS | Aug. 27, 2020

Apache: New Fuel Tanks Coming

AH-64E / Apache aircraft
Photo courtesy the Apache Helicopters Project Management Office
If you haven’t heard, a new reduced-sized crashworthy external fuel system (RCEFS), NSN 1560-01-564-2584, is coming to your AH-64E aircraft. The RCEFS tank has 125 gallons of usable fuel per tank and it’s crashworthy—to the same standard as the primary fuel system.

Here’s what the RCEFS system consists of:
  • Full up B-kit (NSN 1560-01-650-5288, PN HM029-007-21)
  • RCEFS tank (NSN 1560-01-564-2584, PN HM029-610-11)
  • Pump (NSN 4320-01-569-9733, PN HM029-420-11)
RCEFS Tanks Fielding Planned for October 2022
RCEFS Tanks Fielding Planned for October 2022
The RCEFS system should be fielded in FY23, and items aren’t available yet for ordering through the supply system. The item manager is working to ensure contracts are in place to sustain the RCEFS once fielding is complete.

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