NEWS | Aug. 21, 2020

AN/PVS-14 NVDs: Preventive Maintenance Leads Way Out of Darkness

This article initially appeared in PS 762 (May 16), pp. 50-51.

Dear Editor,

We have a few suggestions on the AN/PVS-14 night vision devices (NVDs) that will help Soldiers see clearly in the dark.

Keep track of the 180-day services. If armorers let their AN/PVS-14s miss the services, moisture builds up inside the NVDs and soon images become blurry. If you’re not sure when the last time your -14s were serviced, check with support. They’ll have a record. 

If you’re not wearing your -14, store it in its case. We’ve had several instances where -14s were run over because they had been left lying on the ground. If the storage case has disappeared, order one with NSN 5855-01-398-4284. To make doubly-sure your -14 doesn’t disappear, use something like 550 cord to tie the case to your pack.
Not wearing AN/PVS-14? Then put it in the case...and tie case to your pack.
Get the new single battery housing, NSN 5855-01-523-4098. Its screw cap makes it much easier to install and remove the battery. The new housing is installed by your repairman.
Single battery housing makes battery installation and removal much easier

Which leads us to the last tip:

Remove the batteries for storage. If the -14 is going to be sitting in the arms room for weeks, TAKE THE BATTERIES OUT. We see so many -14s ruined because batteries aren’t removed. The batteries leak and often the -14 is unrepairable. Make battery removal part of the check-in procedure. 

SGT Frederick Barnes
SSG James Rodgers
632nd Mtn Co
Ft. Stewart, GA
Editor’s note: We can clearly see these are great tips. Thank you, Sergeants.