NEWS | Aug. 17, 2020

M151 Spotting Scope: Do You Have the Right NSN on the Books?

Does your unit have the M151 spotting scope? If so, check the property book and make sure the right NSN is shown and the serial number is recorded correctly.
If you have the old spotting scope, NSN 6650-01-504-8456, on your books, check if MWO 9-6650-238-50-1(Jan 20) has been applied. If it has, make the adjustment to show spotting scope, NSN 6650-01-549-5838, with correct serial number formatting XXXXX-U1-U2 instead. Here’s what you should see if MWO 9-6650-238-50-1 has been applied:
Nomenclature: Spotting Instrument, Optical
LIN: S08669
NSN: 6650-01-549-5838
PN: 13016120
And if you need a copy of MWO 9-6650-238-50-1, you can download it on the MMIS site: