NEWS | Aug. 11, 2020

PS Magazine: How to Submit Article Ideas

Whether you’re working in the motor pool or in the field, it’s not uncommon to discover a better way to perform a maintenance procedure or find a mistake in a TM. It’s even possible that your discovery can save vehicles and equipment from unwanted wear and tear, save the Army money, improve safety or, even, save lives.

But what do you do with the information once you make the discovery? First, if it’s a TM error, submit a DA Form 2028. PS Magazine can write about the mistake, but the 2028 submission actually gets the TM corrected. If you need to know how to submit a DA Form 2028, check out Pages 58-59 of PS 779 (Oct 17):
  If you need to submit the form to TACOM, specifically, refer to Page 53 of PS 793 (Nov 18):
  Next, submit your idea, observation or correction to PS so we can possibly write an article about it! With our new digital platform, we can share your solutions with Soldiers all over the world faster than ever. And the process to submit an article is easy. 

First you’ll want to outline the problems and solutions or new opportunities to enhance readiness. Ask yourself:
  •  What’s wrong with your equipment or what’s the mistake in the TM?
  •  What caused the problem?
  •  What is the solution to correct the problem or the mistake in the TM?
  • What’s your idea for improving readiness? Is it a matter of reinforcing basics or truly a new idea?
Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to submit your idea. And don’t worry about the format. Our writers will take care of that. We’ll also have a subject matter expert from the responsible office review the article before we post it online. All PS articles are approved by an Army-authorized proponent before they’re published. Because of this, it’s possible your idea or observation might not be published, but it will always be acknowledged and an explanation offered as to why.
Make sure you send any helpful photos of equipment as .JPG attachments, especially those that can be used as technical references or show your unit performing PMCS on that equipment. Photos embedded in Word documents or PowerPoint slides are unusable. That format degrades their quality.

Once your article and digital photos are ready, email them to: