NEWS | Aug. 6, 2020

MEDEVAC: How to Get BAM Window Parts

UH-60 Helicopter in hangar
Photo by Charles Rosemond

The Black Hawk Advanced MEDEVAC (BAM) window on your MEDEVAC consists of several parts that can be replaced at the unit level. 

In TM 1-1520-280-23&P (Mar 20), many of the parts attached to the BAM window are assigned SMR code XDOZZ. That means it’s not stocked and must be purchased through local purchase.

Ordering BAM windows creates demand
The latch assembly part numbers, 1049580-1 and 1049580-3, should be available to order. But to get the parts stocked, PD MEDEVAC needs your help. When you order one or both latches, order them through local supply channels using DD Form 1348-6. Ordering with DD Form 1348-6 creates a demand in the supply system.

PD MEDEVAC is working to change the SMR code for items listed as XDOZZ to PAOZZ. The Logistics Team for PD MEDEVAC is continuing to field BAM window sets to units. Once fully fielded, units that require replacements can do so through supply using these NSN numbers:
NSN 1560-01-647-4788 (Left hand)
NSN 1560-01-647-4789 (Right hand)
Drawing number 1049606

Remember, when ordering the latches or any other part that doesn’t have an NSN, fill out DD Form 1348-6 and email it to customer service:
Got questions for PD MEDEVAC? Contact Johnny Eley at (256) 955-9784.