NEWS | Aug. 6, 2020

CH-47F: Another Tow Option for Chinook

This article initially appeared in PS 795 (Feb '19), pp. 22-23.


If your unit still has the Chinook’s old single axle/wheel tow bar, you have to rotate the left rear wheel 120 degrees before hookup. That’s to keep the landing gear from snapping during towing.

Page 37 of PS 662 (Jan 08) has the complete scoop:
​But if you have the newer, two-wheel tow bar, NSN 1730-01-562-4023, which attaches to both aft wheels, towing your Chinook is a whole lot easier. With the tow bar attached to both wheels, you don’t have to rotate the aft left wheel.
Two wheel tow bar option available
Two wheel tow bar option available
The two-wheel tow bar keeps both wheels aligned during ground handling and helps prevent damage to the wheels, spindle and landing gear. The tow bar turns both aft landing gears during a turn.

The tow bar has a commercial operator and maintenance manual, so make sure you refer to it when operating the tow bar. 
Need a copy? Send an email to:
Note that this tow bar is listed as a part of the special tools and test equipment (STTE) and peculiar ground support equipment (PGSE), LIN T59439 in TB 1-1520-271-20-01.

If you have problems with the tow bar or its components, don’t try to make a repair. Instead, replace the broken part from this list:
Tow Bar, NSN 1730-01-562-4023
Item Part PN Qty
1 Yoke assembly HT47-01-00A 1
2 Arm assembly HT47-03-00 1
3 Leg assembly HT47-04-00 1
4 Leg assembly HT47-05-00 1
5 Pin assembly HT47-02-00 1
6 Tow bar assembly HT-647A 1
7 Non-locking caster wheel 1080-520Z 1
8 Locking pin assembly 90222A112 1
9 Pin HT47-02-15 1
10 Hitch pin HITCH pin 3/4 2
11 Hex bolt-UNC (Regular Thread-Inch) 647-B-.313-24-1.00 4
12 Washer A 647-W-.313-SAE 8
13 Hex nut 647-LN-313-24 4
14 Hex nut 647-LN-.375-24 8
15 Washer A 647-W-.375-SAE 16
16 Hex bolt-UNC (Regular Thread-Inch) 647-B-.375-24-1.50 4
17 Hex bolt-UNC (Regular Thread-Inch) 647-B-.375-24-1.50 4
18 Hinge 90170A650 2
19 Hex bolt-UNC (Regular Thread-Inch) 647-B-.250-20-2.00 1
20 Hex nut 647-LN-.250-20 1
Schematic of two-wheel tow bar component parts
Schematic of two-wheel tow bar component parts

For all the parts you need, contact the manufacturer, Brackett Aircraft, at (928) 757-4005. Their website is:
Or you can order on a DD Form 1348-6 using the part number and CAGE 56833.