NEWS | July 31, 2020

Packaging: Hip-Pocket Guide Available for Download

A North Carolina Army National Guard Soldier supports local food banks with COVID-19 relief efforts.
Photo by Sgt. Marcel Pugh
Packaging: The Basics (Jun 20) is an easy-to-use guide provided by the Army Sustainment Command’s Packaging, Storage and Containerization Center (PSCC). The guide provides information about:
  •  Packaging materials
  •  Packaging publications
  •  Care of supplies in storage (COSIS)
  •  Shelf-life
  •  Packaging data systems
  •  Packaging and distribution points of contact            
Packaging: The Basics consolidates packaging information so there’s no need to search in more than one place. If you work at an Army pre-positioned stock site, a logistics readiness center or a supply support activity, then downloading, reading and archiving a copy of Packaging: The Basics could make your job easier.