NEWS | July 31, 2020

M9 ACE: Blade and Hydraulic Preventive Maintenance


Your armored combat earthmover has a lot of dirt to move. If you remember to do your preventive maintenance (PM), you’re well on the way to a job well done. Keep these PM pointers in mind before you head back for the next load.
Fold the Blade

As always, follow the word in WP 0013-10 of TM 5-2350-262-10 (Jun 12) and fold the blade when traveling cross-country. That’s the rule no matter what the soil conditions are, even if it’s sand or loosely packed dirt. That way the blade can’t dig into a ridge or other obstruction and cause extensive damage to the vehicle’s blade, moldboard, ejector and hydraulic system. 
Keep an Eye on the Blade's Cutting Edge
The earthmover blade’s cutting edge protects the moldboard. If the edge wears down too far, the moldboard gets damaged and has to be replaced or sent to sustainment for repair. 
So get down on your hands and knees, clear away the mud, and eyeball the blade’s cutting edge. Better yet, fold the blade, like you do for cross-country travel, to get a closer look.
If the edge is worn to less than ¾-inch, about the diameter of a penny, report it. Your mechanic can reverse the edge or replace it entirely if it has already been reversed.
Monitor the Hydraulics       

It’s no secret that the ACE is temperamental when it comes to its hydraulics, especially when you’re digging in the hard stuff. So keep a close eye on the hydraulic pressure gauge. It should stay between 1,500 and 2,000 psi. Lower than that and you’ve probably got a leak somewhere. Your ACE is NMC until that leak found and repaired.