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NEWS | July 23, 2020

Containerized Batch Laundry: No PDISE Needed

Containerized batch laundry
Photo by Sgt. Ian Leones

This article initially appeared in PS 778 (Sep 17), pp. 50-51.

When it comes to powering your containerized batch laundry (CBL), NSNs 3510-01-527-2209 and -2210 (LIN C28019), less is more, operators.

Some units have been connecting the CBL to a Power Distribution Illumination System, Electrical (PDISE) and then hooking the PDISE to the 100-kW generator. The CBL isn’t designed for use with the PDISE and such a hookup will lead to system level power issues, malfunctions and may even damage your equipment.

So when powering your CBL, skip the PDISE. A direct connection between the CBL and 100-kW generator is the way to go.

While you’re at it, here are a few more important tips:
  • Make sure the generator and CBL are properly grounded at the power entry points. You’ll find the procedures starting on WP 0007 00-12 of TM 10-3510-226-10 (Aug 05 w/Ch 2, Feb 08).
Ground generator and CBL properly
Ground generator and CBL properly
  • Ensure all phase indicators are properly illuminated before powering up the system. See WP 0007 00-16 through 00-18 of the -10 TM for details.
Make sure phase indicators are lit
  • The electrician may have to remove a portion of the external black insulator sleeve on one of the 100A pigtails to make the generator connection. However, each individual conductor (LO, L1, L2 and L3) will keep its insulation.
Portion of external black insulator may need removal
Portion of external black insulator sleeve may need to be removed
  • Only MOS 12R (interior electrician), 12P (prime power production specialist), 91D (tactical power generation specialist), 91J (quartermaster and chemical equipment repairer) or a qualified civilian electrician should connect the CBL to the generator.
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