NEWS | July 17, 2020

Aircraft: Flying Helicopters in Thunderstorms


If you’ve ever been in a thunderstorm while flying your helicopter, you know it can be treacherous for the aircraft, your crew and equipment.

Before you even encounter a thunderstorm, check out Army Regulation (AR) 95-1, Aviation Flight Regulations (Mar 18), and Training Circular (TC) 3-04.5, Instrument Flight for Army Aviators (Apr 17), to get up to speed on what to do if your helicopter is caught up in a thunderstorm.

To stay sharp and not put your crew, aircraft and mission at risk, also read the Flight Fax 5 in Issue 88 of Flightfax (Apr 20). It provides information about flight regulations, what to do in turbulence, and how to handle your aircraft in thunderstorms (click on the attachment at the top of the article).

To get all issues of Flightfax online, go to US Army Combat Readiness Center website at: