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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | July 17, 2020

Lakota: Use Only Authorized Equipment!

This article initially appeared in PS 785 (Apr 18), pp. 24-25.


Since the UH-72A was fielded, there have been a number of incidents involving ground handling of the Lakota with unauthorized equipment that resulted in aircraft damage and hefty repair costs.

When moving or towing your Lakota, follow and use the approved ground handling equipment and procedures in Chapter 9 of the commercial aircraft maintenance manual (AMM) from Airbus Helicopter, Inc.

The AMM identifies the ground handling wheels and the aircraft tow bar as the only two pieces of equipment authorized for moving or towing.

Do not use unauthorized ground handling equipment such as aircraft dollies and heliporters. if you do, your unit assumes all the risk, including financial liability, for damage to the Lakota. Most damage is due to:
  • operator error.
  • equipment malfunction.
  • inadequate training.
  • failure to follow equipment procedures.
This leads to major costs that include:
  • labor and materials.
  • personnel injuries.
  • investigations.
  • damage and repair assessment.
  • contracting actions.
  • aircraft downtime.
And it’s all preventable if you would only use the approved ground handling equipment listed in the AMM. Each Lakota is fielded with one set of two ground-handling wheels. The tow bars are supplied by the manufacturer with one tow bar for every four aircraft.

So use what’s authorized and keep your Lakota ready for missions!
If you put your Lakota on a heliporter…​
If you put your Lakota on a heliporter…​

…or an aircraft dolly…
…or an aircraft dolly…

…YOU will be responsible for damage to helicopter
…YOU will be responsible for damage to helicopter

Click on the image below to open an infographic for use in training or to display in common areas:

Infographic on using authorized equipment on Lakota
Click on image to open PDF version
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