NEWS | July 17, 2020

Lakota: Heat Blanket Protects Engine Cowlings

This article initially appeared in PS 782 (Jan 18), pp. 22-23.

Pilots and maintenance personnel,

Have you noticed discoloration or blistering on the inside of the Lakota’s engine cowlings near the exhaust?

That discoloration is caused by the intense heat generated during prolonged hovering and ground run operations. Avoid that damage by ensuring the heat protection blankets are properly installed on the engine cowlings like it says in Task 71-11-00 and 8-11 of the aircraft maintenance manual (AMM).

Before installing the blankets, repair any damage according to the AMM. If the damage is too extensive and can’t be repaired at field level, the cowlings must be returned to the manufacturer for depot-level repair or replacement. The depot-level cowling repair/replacement will generate an over-and-above cost that must be funded before work can start. 
If your aircraft goes in for a modification and then is returned to your unit,
always check to make sure the heat protection blankets are properly installed.

For questions about installing or receiving replacement heat protection blankets, contact your regional manager in the Light Helicopter Project Office or a Field Support Representative.