NEWS | July 15, 2020

M88A2 Recovery Vehicle: New Auxiliary Winch Cover


There’s a lightweight, flexible cover available for your M88A2 recovery vehicle’s auxiliary winch. The new, improved cover:
  • has a flap that can be unzipped and rolled up so the winch can be used as needed without removing the entire cover.
  • protects the winch and wire rope from the elements and keeps the auxiliary winch assembly clean during operations.
  • is held onto the winch by magnets and can easily be taken off during winch maintenance. The magnets also make it easy to remove the cover when the main winch and spade have to be taken off the vehicle.
The cover, NSN 2590-01-689-4235, can be ordered now and will be added to the additional authorization list (AAL) in the next TM update.

Order cover with NSN 2590-01-689-4235