NEWS | July 9, 2020

M1101/M1102 Trailers: Landing Leg Wheels Update

M1101/M1102 Trailer / Courtesy of TACOM
Photo Courtesy of TACOM
The single pin caster wheels for the M1101/M1102 trailer’s landing legs have been replaced by a 4-bolt caster, with the same NSN 5340-01-611-2350.

This 4-bolt caster appears as Item 7 of Group 1507 in TM 9-2330-392-13&P (Dec 12). It should also appear as Item 15, but the TM still shows the single pin caster as Item 15.

Until the TM is corrected, make a note of this change.

If your unit wants to replace the single pin caster with the more robust 4-bolt caster, be sure to change out the full landing leg assembly shown in Item 1 of Fig 13. The 4-bolt caster won’t mount onto the single pin caster landing leg shown as Item 11 in Fig 13.

By the way, the single pin caster landing leg is no longer available as an assembly.  But you can still order the assembly parts through the Army Supply System if the assembly needs to be repaired.