NEWS | June 26, 2020

Apache/Longbow-Apache: Horizontal Stabilator Bearing Kit Available


A new horizontal stabilator bearing removal, installation and staking kit (DMT-1018), NSN 4920-01-680-4199, was developed to make it easier for you to replace the AH-64D/E pivot bearings.

Order DMT-1018 kit from DLA
The DMT-1018 kit is designed so maintainers can use simple hand tools in the mechanic’s toolbox or tool room without the need for power tools to get the job done. That makes replacing the stabilator bearing a lot faster. Using the kit reduces the need to remove the motional transducer mounting bracket, which isn’t required, and this prevents the risk of foreign object debris (FOD) within the stabilator.

With the new DMT-1018 kit, the cutter head stays sharp and can be used for up to 50 bearings. No power tools are necessary to cut or stake the bearings. The tool has a sharper 6-point cutting head for a smoother cut. Also, the DMT-1018 kit comes with an instruction manual that shows the maintainer the proper way to use the kit.

If you lose or damage any of the kit parts, there’s no need to replace the entire kit. Individual kit parts can be ordered from Die-Matic Tool (DMT). The DTM-0016 cutter head can be ordered with NSN 3455-01-680-4145. All other parts should be ordered by part number directly from

 Keep in mind that the DMT-1018 kit is a commercial item, and it isn’t listed in the aircraft IETM. Any units seeking to use this equipment will have to request approval for it through their local logistics assistance representative (LAR).
A Soldier washes a AH-64 Apache helicopter