NEWS | June 23, 2020

M17/M18 MHS: Is Your Pistol Acting Sluggish?

NATO BG-P Soldiers train on EIB and ESB tasks
Photo by Sgt. Timothy Hamlin
Soldiers, is your M17/M18 pistol acting sluggish or the trigger won’t reset?  According to TACOM Maintenance Action Message MA 20-031, a safety and function check must be performed using the guidance in TM 9-1005-470-10 (Mar 19).
If you do this and the trigger resets properly, your weapon is good to go.
If your trigger fails to reset and the trigger bar is stamped with revision number 01-04, request a replacement trigger bar, NSN 1005-01-665-0494, from TACOM. Using a new trigger bar eliminates the problem. You can see the stamped trigger bar at the link below:
All you have to do is complete the Trigger Bar Request Form and email it to the ILSC Individual Weapons  (IW) mailbox at:
Your unit’s 91F can replace the trigger bar using the guidance in WP 0011 in TM 9-1005-470-23&P (Jun 19).
Check out TACOM maintenance action message MA 20-031 for more info: