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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | June 19, 2020

Small Arms: Turning in Parts? Check SMR Codes

Soldier assembles a feeder during the M242 segment of the 91F Small Arms/Light Artillery Repairer Course
Photo by Terrance Bell
This article initially appeared in PS 787 (Jun 18), p. 39.

Pay attention to the SMR codes when you turn in unserviceable Class IX small arms repair parts. Units are mistakenly turning in parts that should be disposed of at field level.          

It’s easy to tell what should be done with an unserviceable part. In the weapon’s -23&P TM, check the 5th position of the part’s SMR code. 
  • If it’s O, F or Z, dispose of the part locally.
  • If it’s E, R, or S, turn in the part.       
Generally, almost all Class IX small arms parts can be demilled locally, either by the small arms repair shop or the BSB’s welding shop. This fact contradicts the information found on Page 41 in PS 776 (Jul 17), which told units to turn in unserviceable small arms parts to DLS Disposition Services (DLA DS).

Again, almost all small arms repair parts can be demilled locally and don’t need to go to DLA DS.   
For more information, see TACOM-SBC Supply Advisory Message 17-986:
For more info on SMR codes, see Pages 55-59 of PS 775 (Jun 17): 
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