NEWS | June 19, 2020

120M Road Grader: Shut the Door on Dirt

Ever been tempted to move around the job site with the door open on your 120M road grader? Maybe it’s warm, but not hot enough for the air conditioner, so you decide to let in a little fresh air.
Bad idea!
With the door open, dust gets inside the cab. Whether a little or a lot, that dust settles inside the instrument panel, coating electrical connectors. The dust absorbs and holds moisture in place, giving corrosion a foothold.
Over time, corrosion causes:
  • circuit failure.
  • popped relays.
  • blown fuses.
  • poor electrical connections.
  • cab component deterioration.
So make sure you get the fresh air you need from the A/C. Do not keep the cab door open while operating the vehicle.
Keep the door closed while driving!
Keep the door closed while driving!